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There are many factors to consider when choosing a wig. Not only do you need to decide on a style and color, but you also need to decide which hair type and cap style you prefer. During your consultation, we will walk you through this process to determine which wig will be best for you. Read on to learn about the different wigs that we carry at Hair For You Salon.


HAIR TYPES: Human, Synthetic and Human/Synthetic Blends


SYNTHETIC: Synthetic hair is the most economical and low-maintenance option. Synthetic hair is essentially a finely spun fishing line- making it very durable and resilient to brushing and washing. When synthetic wigs are made, the style is “baked in” to the fibers- whether the style is curly or straight, it will keep its shape even after brushing and washing- just let it air dry! For this reason, synthetic hair is a great choice for those who have trouble with or do not want to spend much time styling their hair. However, synthetic hair cannot be exposed to extreme heat- blow dryers, curling irons, ovens, grills, etc. Synthetic hair will also break down quickly when it experiences friction. Wig styles that extend past the shoulders will continually rub against the body and start to look frizzy within a few months, making the overall longevity of the wig considerably less than that of a shorter synthetic wig.


HUMAN HAIR: Human hair wigs are great for those who enjoy versatility in their style and are able to style their own hair. Human hair is also the best choice for those wanting a longer hair style, as the hair will not be damaged by friction. However, Human hair wigs require slightly more maintenance and care than synthetic wigs as they need to be restyled after each wash, more delicately brushed and handled, and treated with thermal protectors when styling to prevent the hair from becoming dry and damaged.


HUMAN/SYNTHETIC BLEND: Blended hair wigs provide the soft feel of human hair with the low maintenance benefits of a synthetic wig. The synthetic fibers in the wig help with retaining its shape and style at all times, while the human hair gives it a more natural look and feel. Just like full synthetic wigs, blends cannot be exposed to extreme heat, and will become “frizzy” over time, especially if the hair is longer.


CAP STYLES: Monofilament, Lace Front and 100% Hand Tied


MONOFILAMENT: Monofilament or “mono top” means that the top portion of the wig cap is hand tied. This means that each strand of hair is individually tied into the cap, which gives the illusion of individual hairs growing right from the scalp. The rest of the cap may either be “machine made” which is made up of rows of hair (called “wefts”) sewn together, or 100% hand tied (see below). Monofilament tops without a lace front have a more noticeable break at the front hairline- typically bangs are necessary with this cap style in order to hide where the wig begins.

monofilament top wig cap
machine made back with monofilament top wig cap

LACE FRONT: “Lace” is a row of durable mesh which lines the front hairline of a wig. The purpose of the lace is to give a seamless transition from the top of the wig to the forehead, making the wearing of the wig less noticeable. Lace front wigs are an especially good choice for those who do not want bangs.

lace front monofilament top wig cap
lace front, machine made back with monofilament top wig cap

100% HAND TIED: These caps are made of a soft, stretchy mesh with each hair hand tied into the wig. These wigs give the most natural look, as if the hairs are growing right out of the head all over. These wigs are also the most lightweight, comfortable and breathable. 100% Hand tied wigs may or may not also have a lace front.

hand tied wig cap

You may find other cap styles elsewhere, but HAIR FOR YOU  salon specializes in monofilament and 100% hand tied wigs because we believe in providing the most natural looking wigs and hairpieces.

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