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Will wearing a wig ruin my natural hair?

No. Wearing a wig will not damage your own hair. Wearing a wig can actually improve your hair by protecting it from the elements.


Can the wig be made bigger or smaller to better fit my head?

Yes. We custom size every wig to fit the client's head perfectly. All in-salon wig purchases include custom sizing at no additional cost. Wigs look significantly more natural and feel more comfortable when they are hand-tailored to fit the head properly.


I am starting Chemotherapy. How does this process work?

We recommend making an appointment for a consultation prior to starting your treatments, if possible. This way we can see the color, texture and style of your natural hair to find the best match for you. It also allows extra time if a wig needs to be ordered or custom styled for you before you need it. Once the wig is pre-styled and pre-sized for you, you can take it home with you and wear it as needed. 

Once you are ready to wear the wig 100%, you will call and schedule a "Final Fitting." During this appointment, you will bring your wig back in and we will finish sizing the wig to fit your head perfectly. Your hair will need to be gone so that it can be sized correctly, so it is your choice to either shave your head prior to your appointment, or have Amanda do it for you at the beginning of your appointment (at no charge). There will be some waiting time while your wig is being hand-tailored, so we recommend bringing someone with you or something to do while you wait. After the wig has been sized, Amanda will place the wig on your head and give it a haircut, if necessary. There is no charge for this appointment, as all sizing, cutting and styling is included in the price of your wig. All of your appointments will be done in one of our privacy rooms.  


Will insurance cover the cost of my wig (cranial prosthesis)?

Every insurance plan is different, so you will have to first call and check with your insurance company to see if your policy will cover a cranial prosthesis (medical term for a wig, categorized under durable goods). If so, we will give you a medical receipt upon purchase of a wig for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. 


Do I need a wig cap?

Some women feel more comfortable wearing a wig cap to help minimize slipping, particularly those that do have hair underneath. The hair may be slippery and a wig cap helps to keep the hair in place and provide extra grip for the wig. Wig caps can also help prevent the back of the wig from slipping (especially for those that do not have a pronounced occipital ridge). If that is the case, bobby pins can help add extra security or we can sew clips into the back of the wig that clip the wig into the hair.


Can I wear my wig while cooking and using the oven?

If you have a human hair wig, yes. If you have a synthetic wig, please be sure not to open the oven, dishwasher, barbecue, or rotisserie devices while wearing your wig. Also, try not to expose the wig to any other heat source, such as a blow dryer, curling iron, or flat iron. Doing so can permanently damage your wig.


How do I put on my new wig?


The front of the wig should sit at your natural hairline (you can easily find this by measuring four fingers above the eyebrows) and the two ear tabs must be centered temple to temple. The ear tabs have metal wires in them that need to be bent towards the face so that the wig hugs the head instead of sticking out from it. The perimeter of the wig should sit behind the ears, not over them. Lastly, Pull the nape of the neck area of the wig all the way down so that it hugs underneath the occipital ridge.


How often should I wash my wig?


If it is synthetic, wash it about every 30 wears. If it is made of human hair, wash it every 20 wears.


How do I clean my wig?


Please refer to the “Wig Care” tab at the top of this page to view the proper washing and care instructions for the type of wig that you have.


Can I use regular hair care styling aids with my new wig?

If your wig is synthetic, regular hair products can cause a build-up. We recommend using the Wig Lift product line, which is specially formulated for synthetic hair and can help extend the life of your wig or hairpiece. 

If your wig is human hair, then you can use regular styling aids as long as they are purchased from a reputable salon. We recommend the Global Keratin product line for the best results in maintaining healthy hair and protecting the longevity of your wig or hairpiece. Remember to use a leave-in conditioner regularly and always use a thermal protector before doing any type of heat styling. Keep in mind that you are not washing the hair as frequently, so limit the use of heavy styling products such as hairspray to once a week. Some styling aids (such as hairspray or mousse) can be reactivated by a light misting of water without having to reapply the product, if desired.


Why is there a price difference in the wigs?


The price of a wig depends on the type of hair used and the way that it is made. Wigs with hand tied sections (monofilament tops or 100% hand tied wigs) are more expensive than machine made wigs due to the time and labor required to make them.


Should you have additional questions, please call 847-322-3395

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